Flying squads for maintenance and repairs

Due to vessels relatively short stays in ports as well as at yards, and furthermore with reduced number of men onboard, we have been met with an increased interest for flying squads for repair and maintenance.

We arrange for flying squads ex Poland (low hourly rate) through British / Polish company Matatec.

In the past we have arranged for teams consisting of 1 man up to 10 men, and the duration of their stays in the vessels have been from 10 days up to 6 months.

The jobs have varied from cleaning, welding, steel renewal (plates and tubes) - 60 tons on one particular vessel - to overhaul and renovation of aux engines etc as well as qualified electricians.

Our Polish / British connections are so flexible that almost all jobs can be done "while steaming", including deck, engine, hatches, hydraulic and electrical work. Reasonable hourly rates are being quoted.

For bigger jobs even firm prices are quoted, and Matatec have had great success in quoting fixed prices for various jobs on board vessels while they have been in service.