Agency for Suez Canal Transits and Cargo Operation in Egypt

Eberhardt agencies & shipping aps has arranged Suez Canal transits for more than 30 years through our principal Atlas Marine Services in Port Said.

We have so far assisted more than 8000 vessels during their transit of the Canal as well as loading and discharging in various Egyptian ports.

Atlas Marine Services in Port Said / Suez has the full agency for vessels passing the Canal or loading / discharging in Egyptian ports. Atlas Marine Services will protect ownersí interests while the vessel is in Egypt and assist in all matters such as crew change and spare part deliveries etc. After vesselís transit and/or cargo handling Atlas Marine Services will collect all vouchers and issue a disbursement account which will be mailed to the client no later than 30 days after the vesselís transit or after any cargo handling. Any amount in excess that may be due to the owner after having issued the final disbursement account will be returned to the owner.

Full agency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.